What Kind of Bridal hair You Would Go For

If there is one question that puzzles the pretty heads of future brides, it is the hairstyle of the big day! Tied, detached, with a bun, a mat, or a wreath of flowers? It is true that if you get married next summer, you still have time to let your Bridal Hair grow and broaden the choice of hairstyle.

So, here are six tips not to be overlooked and full of hairstyle ideas for D-Day. There are ideas for each of you: short, medium-length hair or crazy mane!


Project yourself on the date of your wedding by asking yourself how long your hair will be at that time. And yes, no need to hope for a beautiful and long braid if you have short hair like a boy and your marriage is in a few months.

Conversely, if your hair is very long, your choices will be endless: braids, twisted buns, crazy, and lose locks. You can do just about anything, treat yourself.

In any case, it is never too late to pamper your hair with a regular program of treatments, massages, and a vitamin diet.

Stay in the theme

Sisi’s wedding makes you dream?

Opt for a beautiful and big bun. Classic, it still has its small effect, however, with the advantage of enhancing your pretty face. On the contrary, if you are more queen of the fields and bohemian wedding, a natural hairstyle and even a crown of flowers will stick perfectly. This year again, the hairstyled hair is still trendy. We take advantage!

Matching hairstyle and dress

It will never be said enough, but your hairstyle must go hand in hand with your wedding dress.

It will not be uncommon for your hairdresser to ask you for a photo of the latter and if you plan to wear a veil or an accessory that day. If you have a dress with a neckline in the back or front, prefer the tied hair. If you have an asymmetrical dress, play the unstructured touch thoroughly, even in your hairstyle.

Get inspired. Prepare a mood table with photos of hairstyles.

Nothing better to inspire your Bridal Hair stylist than to show him the hairstyles you like.

This will allow him to be referred to the maximum.

For those who are not yet fans of Pinterest, discover our inspiration table “Wedding Hairstyle” to begin. For the others, come and pick up some ideas.

Accessorize your hairstyle

The opportunity to wear bibs or flowers in this hair is not every day. So if you feel like it, let yourself be tempted.

A pretty barrette, a ribbon, a headband, can personalize the simplest of hairstyles while bringing style to your outfit.

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