I was in a shopping mall and went to a major department store toilet. The toilet is in the women’s corner on the second floor. So I got on the escalator, got off, and followed the signs to the bathroom. Just across from the lingerie corner, I noticed a pretty girl buying panties.

She wore short pleated skirts, white fishnet tights and red high heels. She was hot! When I entered the bathroom, I noticed she was checking out and smiled. I smiled. When I came out, I told myself I would invite her to drink if she was still there.

I entered the stall at the end of the stall row and closed the door. When I dropped my pants and boxer, I heard someone enter and enter the booth next to me. At that time, I noticed a hole in the wall between the two stalls. It was about 3 feet from the floor and about 1 inch and 1.5 inches in diameter. However, since it was in front of the toilet seat, I didn’t have to worry about looking into it and seeing it quickly.

Just then, a finger came out of the hole, made a move to come here, and then walked away. I thought, ok. What does that mean? Then it happened again. So I leaned forward and looked carefully into the hole. I can’t believe you saw it!

There’s a cute girl I saw in the lingerie corner at the next store! The bottom of her pleated skirt, elegant white fishnet tights, and now the lace top, and red high heels were visible. What was she doing in the stall next to me?

Then her fingers came out of the hole again and made a move to come here. So I stood up and slowly pushed my soft cock into the gloryhole.

I immediately felt her hand grab me and start stroking me. It was sweet and very erotic as she made me jerking from the hole. I began to set quickly. Since the cock is big, I squeezed the gaps around it, and when I notice it, I can’t pull it out! Moreover, it was tight enough to act as a cockling, allowing blood to flow into me, but preventing it from spilling.

So I got furious and got stuck there, and this pretty girl slowly patted me. I didn’t think a big deal because I soften when I climax when she clearly showed what she was trying to do.

Suddenly she let go and felt a soft and warm mouth catching my rooster’s head. She started sucking, and it felt great! Then she moved her mouth up and down and started sucking my shaft hard. She sucked so hard that my already engorged cock was bleeding more. It was so painful that I was thrilled at this point, but I began to see signs of orgasm.

Then she pulled my mouth, and I felt something warm and hard, and a softcover started rubbing the length of my shaft up and down. As I continued to stroke it, I felt something pop out of my cock’s head. Felt like the head of another cook! It wasn’t a girl, and it was a guy who looked like a girl!

I tried to pull it out, but it was so stiff that I couldn’t move. My cock started to soften, thinking that the other guy was doing them for me, but she grabbed it and stroked me while sucking on my cock’s head. I quickly became solid again as she put me in her mouth and sucked and throbbing my throbbing cock still.

Then she started stroking my entire body sharply up and down. I could also hear her stroking her cock as she was. I could feel my orgasm beginning to develop, and I could listen to her stroking and breathtaking breaths.

Then I felt her cock again mine, and she started rubbing my length up and down. I squeezed the cock with one hand and pushed up under the shaft with the other. Suddenly when she came, I could feel her cramps, and I felt a warm landing above and below my length. She caught with a second-hand, something that couldn’t reach my watch. Then she rubbed her cum up and down my cock while stroking it as she did.

I look like a pretty girl, but there was another guy in my cock! And she is now jerking me using her semen as a lubricant! Then that happened. She stopped stroking me, and I felt something soft and warm, pushing on my cook’s head. I found it challenging to drive, my head was tight, and I slipped into something warm. She was pushing my man’s woman into my cock! She was going to fuck me!

I felt that the push-in gradually became more durable, and the cock entered more and more deeply. Suddenly my cook’s head slipped past something and slipped in more easily. That was her sphincter! I’ve been in for almost the whole time now. And it was warm and tight, and it was starting to feel good!

This time she started pushing my cock back and forth and letting me fuck her ass. Soon after, I felt the orgasm begin to begin in earnest and to pull away again with no luck. I tried. I didn’t want to cum inside the man’s ass! But I couldn’t help it.

She was riding me so hard now that I was ultimately in and out of each thrust. There was no stopping. My orgasm hit me like a lot of bricks! She must have felt me coming and squeezed her ass tightly around my ass while she continued to fuck me.

Ejaculation of semen to her ass, and fired violently! I have to admit it was lovely. When I finally stopped cumming, I felt her slowly slipping off me. I felt the cock on my head wiped off, finally a kiss, and then I heard her leave the stalls and toilet. I slowly softened and was able to remove the rooster from the gloryhole. I pulled up my pants and jumped out of the door, but she was not found anywhere. I was just having gay sex with a cute boy/girl and was wondering if I could do it again without a bathroom stall.

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