If you are willing to watch some movies that contain things like dreams and injustice, here are one of the few Telugu films that you can watch on the OTT platform for Telugu movies HD online:

 Na BangaaruTalli Cast

The film “Na BangaaruTalli” is a social-problem Telugu film that has won three National Awards and has been reviewed by many critics. It had a lot of positive reviews and also won 5 International Awards. The film is inspired and based upon a real-life incident and was directed and written by Rajesh Touchriver. The film features Siddique as Srinivas, Anjali Patil as Durga, RatnaSekhar Reddy as Durga’sfiance, NeenaKurup as Durga’s mother and Lakshmi Priya Menon as the Padma in leading roles.


The story revolves around Shrinivas, played by Siddiqui, who deals in sex trafficking secretly. He has a daughter named Durga, played by Anjali Patil, who is good in academics and protests against women’s atrocities. Srinivas keeps travelling to Hyderabad on the pretext of work; however, he secretly deals in the flesh trade and lures innocent girls into the sex trafficking business. Upon completing her education, Durga wants to travel with her father to Hyderabad, and the father and daughter stay in a hotel there.

Srinivas also lured a woman into sex trafficking, and she wants to get vengeance by making Srinivas’s daughter suffer the same fate as her. Durga is kidnapped when Srinivas leaves the room for a reason, and she is forced into prostitution.

Meanwhile, Srinivas starts searching all over Hyderabad, knowing that his search is in vain. The story is very realistic, and it will speak about the issue of sex trafficking in detail. It also sends a strong message that every woman who has been forced into sex trafficking and prostitution was someone’s daughter. You can watch many such movies in HD online.

And The Oscar Goes To


The film “And The Oscar Goes To” is a realistic film about dreams, challengers upheavals and unbending resolution. It is a Malayalam film directed by Salim Ahamed. The film features Tovino Thomas as IssakEbrahim, Siddique as Prince, Salim Kumar as Moidukka, and Nikki Rae Hallow as Maria in leading roles.


The story revolves around Issak, played by Tovino Thomas, who wants to become a film director. He is staunch about his dream and has an unbending resolution, so he takes a mortgage loan against land and meets with Arvind and Sivakumar. Arvind, played by Srinivasan, is an actor and Shivakumar, played by Lal, is a cinematographer who both agree to partake in Issak’s movie. Issak completes the making of the film that is based on a documentary based film based on the life of a native called Moidukka.

The film is nationally acclaimed and won many awards, because of which it entered as a nomination into the Oscars. It would help if you watched the movie to see how reality unfolds and how Issak remains unendingly resolute about achieving his dreams.

Many Telugu new movies speak about dreams and injustice. Download an OTT platform to watch these movies.