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The use of bank wire is limited to the geographical locations of the casinos and players. The players are given the category the puzzle belongs to as well as blank spaces which, of course, represent the letters the word puzzle is made of. During the game, three players take turns in spinning the wheel and trying to solve a word puzzle. Although “wheel of fortune” was first introduced as a television show in the United States in 1975, afterward it became highly popular in other countries as well, among which are: The United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Romania, Russia, Singapore, Spain, and many other countries. It comes from the wheel the contestants have to spin to determine the amounts of money or the prizes they have won or, in some cases, lost.

After solving the puzzle, the player could shop away from the cash he won, but since 1987, the contestants have been playing for cash. When landing on a “Bankrupt” sign, naturally, a player becomes “bankrupt,” but when he hits the “$10000” sign, he is allowed to guess a consonant, and, given the situation, his guess is correct, he wins the prize. Usually, the categories for the round, all punctuation signs, slashes, and ampersand signs, as well as spaces, are given. The most common categories are person/people, proper name, landmark, place, phrase, occupation, quotation, event, artist & song, before & after, around the house, classic TV, on the map, and many more. One more thing you may do to increase your defensive abilities should be to show or lead your opponent to your stronger side.