FIFA 21 Playtime is a game feature that allows users to get a better understanding of the way they play the game. This is a tool that helps players to have an accurate estimate of the time they spend in the game. The feature also keeps track of the matches for all game modes. FIFA Playtime also shows how many FIFA 21 points players buy and how many packs they have opened. FIFA Playtime was introduced in the game with the 2020 edition. It is available for those playing on Steam, Origin, and both generations of PlayStation and Xbox consoles.

You can use this feature by accessing the Customize menu. You will find this option in the main game menu. Find the Online Settings option and start FIFA Playtime. You can check out the feature by accessing the Playtime tile in the FIFA Online menu. In Ultimate Team, you will find the feature under the More menu. If you are in Volta mode, the More menu will let you access it. Playtime is also available through the companion app and web app. You can use this tool to set limits. For example, you can set a certain number of played games. This is also available for the packs that you open and the FIFA points purchased from the game store. The game will send you a notification when you reach this limit.

FIFA Playtime shows the weekly time you spend in the game. This includes both online and offline activities. Basically, it allows you to see how many hours a week the game is running. It’s important to note that this includes the time you browse menus and idle times. This feature also keeps track of the games you have played over the course of a week. Played matches from all game modes are taken into account. This includes Volta, Ultimate Team, Career, and more. You can compare it to your weekly average and put a limit on the number of games you play each week. Are you curious how many FIFA 21 points you’ve bought? You can see how many points you got from the store and acquired from purchases outside the game. You can set a weekly cap for points. Players will also see how many packs they’ve got from the store in exchange for coins and FIFA 21 points. They can set a weekly limit.

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